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Mauritius – a paradise island. With great weather year round owing to its location right near to the Tropic of Capricorn, it offers such incredible nature in a relatively small area – from tropical beaches, to lush vegetation, to waterfalls.

1. The Beaches

We stayed in the north of the island, with the stunning Troux aux Biches right on our doorstep. We also visited the famous Flic en Flac and Ville Valio. The sand is perfect, the sea a turquoise blue and perfect for paddling, and the sun loungers quite private and perfect for a day (or a few) reading with ocean views.

2. The tortoises

Mauritus is home to giant tortoises. You can see the tortoises two ways – the first is by day trip to Rodrigues Island which has a special tortoise reserve covering 20 hectares. There is also a museum there to learn about the history of the island, as well as an underground maze of caves which you can do guided tours around. It makes for a nice day trip from the main island.

3. The nature on offer

In the South West of the island is a hilly part of the country which is home to the Black River Gorges National Park. Here you can find waterfalls, beautiful views and hiking trails through the rainforest.

4. The rum

Probably my favourite part of the trip. I was SO tipsy by the end of this day, but it was worth it. We visited the Rhumerie de Chamarel Distillery, surrounded by huge sugar cane plantations. We came here on a half day visit, which involved seeing the distilling process, a nice lunch in the restaurant using local produce, and of course the rum tasting itself. In total we probably tried about 5 to 10 different rums, and I needed rolling in to the car to get back to the hotel

5. The salt

Salt is a big thing in Mauritius. Unfortunately there is only one remaining location where they still produce the salt in the traditional, 200 year old way. This is at the Tamarin salt pans. Sea water is fed in to the massive salt ‘pans’ and left to evaporate – leaving just the salt. This is then gathered using brushes and put in to wicker baskets. It’s then put in to a hut to completely dry out until it’s ready for consumption.

Mauritius really does have a lot to offer. I’ve not even spoken about the amazing sea food, it’s vibrant and diverse capital city, Port Louis, or Le Morne Brabant where you can hike the slave route. I think there is more to do in the country than in other Indian Ocean locations where the beach and sea is the only draw. The people of Mauritius are also so friendly, welcoming and go out of their way to make sure you’re happy. I couldn’t recommend a trip more!

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