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Victoria Falls is a waterfall in Africa, located on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. It is classified as the largest waterfall in the world (though it is neither the tallest nor the widest, combined it has the largest area of falling water in the world). The waterfall lies on the Zambezi river and there are a number of hotels within close walking distance.

1. Walking along the bank of the Falls

We walked along the Zimbabwean side of the Falls, following the Zambezi River walk. At various points there are lovely views across to the Falls and the bridge.

To walk across the bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia, you have to access from the main road. This was a surreal experience as all along the road were classic British cars with British number plates for sale – I assume a relic from colonial times.

Once at the bridge, you can walk to the point where Zambia and Zimbabwe meet and have a foot in each country! To cross, you need to go through passport control and walk (or take a tram) the full length of the bridge. Beware if you walk, there are a lot of people trying to sell you things!

2. Boat trip on the Zambezi River

The Victoria Falls span almost a mile along the Zambezi River. Across the river you can see the most beautiful sunsets, and there’s nowhere better to view them from than a boat with a glass of wine in hand!

3. Helicopter ride over the Falls

A flight over the Falls really lets you take in the epic and vast nature of this natural wonder. We booked a helicopter with Shearwater, and the views were special. The flight lasted around 45 minutes and was a once in a lifetime experience. The photos really can’t do the experience justice.

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