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I love a good day trip, and in Switzerand they are super easy given the country is relatively small and has an amazing train network. Whilst staying in Geneva as a base, we decided to spend the day visiting Nyon, a small and picturesque town on the north eastern side of the lake.

1. Château de Prangins

Château de Prangins is a castle which was built in the 1700s by a Paris banker and Voltaire even resided here for a while. Prior to that it had been a seat of power for the Dukes of Savoy, so has always been an important location. Inside the building today is a branch of the Swiss National Museum that covers a number of exhibits including on what it means to be Swiss, the castle in the 1800s and the history of Chintz and its link to slavery.

2. Nyon Old Town

The old town of Nyon is great to explore on foot with lots of pretty buildings to see, all overlooked by the castle on the hill. Also be sure to check out the small Roman ruins and steep but picturesque streets.

3. Château de Nyon

The castle was originally a fortified house in the 1100s, and in 1293 the counts of Savoy took it over. In 1536, as the Reformation took hold, the Bernese chased the House of Savoy out of Nyon and the town of Nyon purhcased the castle in 1804. It subsequently housed the courts, the meetings of the town council, the prisons and, after 1888, the town museum. The castle was last entirely renovated between 1999 and 2006, and now includes a number of exhibits on its history plus the prison wing still in tact.

4. Lake Museum

The Lake Geneva museum is worth a little mooch if you have the travel pass, but not really if you need to pay. It’s quite small and all in French but there’s a few interesting things to see including old ships and fishing stats, plus a mini aquarium.

5. Enjoy Lake Geneva

As with any lake side town, enjoying the lake itself is a must. We walked along the shore taking in the stunning views, and bought some ice-cream (£30 for 2 icecreams) at a small stand given it was so hot.

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