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Lake Bled is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. Lying in the Julian Alps region of northern Slovenia, it’s framed with picturesque mountain peaks covered in snow, not far from the Austrian border. The lake is like a fairytale, with an island housing a church sitting in the middle of it, and a castle perched atop a cliff looking down on it. I was blown away by its beauty and can’t wait to share all my tips for visiting with you.

When to visit & how to get there

Lake Bled is beautiful in all seasons, but of course it’s busiest in summer. Visitor numbers in July and August can swell so high there are no boats available and the pathways around the lake are completely clogged.It’s for that reason I think April, May, September and October are ideal for a visit without the crowds. 

1. Walk the full loop around Lake Bled

Walking around the whole lake is my top thing to do if you’re visiting for just a short amount of time. The full loop is only 6km and will take about 1.5hrs. It’s just SO beautiful though that you’ll need to add on probably another 1.5hrs for photos!!

2. Hike to Ojstrica viewpoint

The most famous viewpoint out over the lake is Ojstrica, a trail up from the bottom point of the lake. The trail is a bit of a scramble in places, but oh so worth it for the views. Just look at it!!

3. Take a boat out to Bled island

One of my favourite things I did on my visit was to take a boat from the lake short out to the central island. The island has been a site of pilgrimage for centuries, and its easy to see why with its picturesque church. Once on the island it’s a must to ring the church bell and make a wish – apparently it’s then destined to come true.

4. Visit Bled castle

Bled castle is built high up on the cliff side, and has been there since the 1000s! This incredible historic castle is a must see on a trip, but it’s a bit of a walk to get there and not suitable for people with mobility issues as there are a lot of steps. Once there, there’s a castle museum, a lovely little chapel and the most beautiful views out over the lake.

5. Eat traditional Bled cream cake

You can’t come to Bled and not try its traditional cream cake. For the last 70 years it’s been a tradition in the area and oh my goodness it’s tasty.

6. Enjoy a wellness treatment

Another benefit of Bled is that it is known as a spa town, and that means it has lots of options for massages and treatments. We chose to have a couples massage at Ziva Wellness Centre right on the lake shore and also make use of their amazing pool and spas. It was a heavenly way to spend a few hours.

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