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Liechtenstein is the sixth smallest country in the world, and is the second least visited country in Europe (behind only Moldova). Most people seem to just look over it or don’t even know it exists which is a shame because Liechtenstein is actually a very beautiful country with a lot of greenery, forests and castles.

What to see and do

We spent our day in Vaduz and found a variety of interesting things to do.

1. Hike the Wanderweg

The walking trails around Vaduz are just stunning. We chose to do a walk from Gaflei down to the centre of Vaduz, along the Wanderweg. We managed to get beautiful views out over the mountains, although as normal I got sunburnt and my husband got such bad hay-fever the inhaler was out again.

2. Visit the Castle

Hilarious. We trekked all the way up to see the castle in Vaduz and well…the pictures speak for themselves. You can’t go in the castle either as it’s still lived in by the Royal Family here so is a private home! I found it interesting to learn that Liechtenstein has had a Monarchy since the 1500s, and no dramas over lines of succession which is odd in Europe. The family tree is a little close (with cousins marrying cousins at points), and no longer on a direct line as some Monarchs didn’t have children – but instead willingly passed the throne to nephews etc. Very civilised.

3. Enjoy the National Museum

I really enjoyed Liechtenstein’s little national museum. It was interesting to learn all about how it developed over time, and about its links with Switzerland. There was also an exhibit on Liechtenstein’s culture, and its role as a haven for businesses (including Swarovski). Who knew Liechtenstein’s employment rate is actually over 100% vs its population as so many cross the border each day from Switzerland to work there. Another interesting fact – Liechtenstein has no army!

4. Get your passport stamped

A little touristy gimmick, but a nice one none the less – make sure you get your passport stamped in the Tourist Information Centre. There’s even a throne in there if, like me, you want to be a Queen for a second or two.

5. Stroll the old town

Liechtenstein’s charming old town is small but beautiful. It has a lovely church, lots of quaint houses and cobbled streets to explore. It’s also home to quite a few nice restaurants, bars and cafes so we spent an hour or so relaxing in the sunshine with cake and ice-cream before heading back to Zürich.

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